How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Cooking a steak is easy if you know how to do it the right way. Everything starts with the selection of the meat. High-quality meat is mandatory for cooking the perfect steak. Fillet, sirloin, rib-eye, and rump give the best results, but you can also use less popular cuts if you want.

The thickness of the meat should be anywhere between one and two inches. Make sure there’s also some fat marbling because it makes the steak juicy and it gives it a special flavor.

Before you start, take the meat out of the fridge and leave it until it reaches the room temperature. This should take about one hour. You shouldn’t skip this step, because cooking a steak from cold will stop the heat from penetrating it properly.

The skillet should be smoking hot by the time you start cooking. Cast iron skillets and pans are the best because they can reach a very high temperature. This will allow you to sear the meat to create the nice crust that makes a perfect steak.

You shouldn’t add any oil. If you wish, you can drip a little olive oil on the meat while waiting for it to reach the room temperature, and rub it all around the meat slice.

For best results, aim for medium-rare or medium cooking. This will ensure the meat is properly cooked, while the interior remains tender and juicy. Don’t use a fork to lift the meat, because you’ll lose the wonderful juices and the steak will be too dry and rather chewy.

Ideally, you should cook the meat for about two or three minutes on each side, which our friends at will tell you. Turn it carefully, without pressing it against the pan. When you’re done, remove the steak from the pan, rub it with a bit of butter or with olive oil, and allow it to rest for a few minutes before serving it. Optionally, you can rub the meat with a garlic clove or brush it with a herb mix to give it a special flavor. However, there are people who can’t stand garlic, thyme or various other herbs and spices, so make sure your guests are fine with that before proceeding.

For good cooking technique go to or look at these Behance graphics.

If you follow the above steps, you’re going to cook a delicious steak every time. As you can see, all you need is a cast iron skillet, good quality meat, a knob of butter, and olive oil to cook the perfect steak.

What Makes the Best Cookware Set Best

So you’ve decided that you need new cookware and you can’t decide what makes the best cookware set. What do you do? First, you need to answer a few questions about yourself like what kind of cook you are. How much time do you spend cooking? Do you cook for fun and enjoyment or simply to feed the masses! Next, you need to understand the basics of how cookware companies present and sell cookware. Do I need all of this stuff in the 30 piece set? Finally, you decide what pieces you will need to cook for your lifestyle and what materials the cookware should be made of. Let’s start with answering the questions about you!

What Kind of Cook Are You?

We like to break down cooking lifestyles into three groups: Busy Cooks, Entertaining Cooks, and Gourmet Cooks. Each group requires certain features built into the cookware to make the best cookware set for how they live. If you are in the Busy Cooks group, you need good tools that will get the job done and be easy on the cleanup. No need for frills. If you are in the Entertaining Cooks group you need some bling. If you are in the Gourmet Cooks group, you want the latest technology in high-performance cooking tools. You simply must have the best. Once you’ve answered this question, click on the appropriate link to find the detail and specifications of the cookware to meet your needs.

How Do Cookware Companies Sell Cookware?

The first thing to learn is the whole piece count thing. How many pans do you get in a 20pc set? Well, it depends. There are no rules that force companies to count pieces any certain way and they all “count” differently. For sure, all cookware companies count the lids as a piece. Most of them also count kitchen tools such as spoons and spatulas as a piece. When it comes to measuring spoons and tool racks some of them count it and some don’t. The important point is not to get caught up in the marketing of the piece count. You want to buy a cookware set for the cooking pieces you need to support the way you cook, not to fill your gadget drawer with a bunch of unnecessary extra potato mashers. Why do they put these things in their sets? Marketing edge and profit, of course. Don’t fall for it!

Watch out for pans that are too small for your needs. A 20 pc set may sound like you get a lot, but it the only skillet is 8” diameter and you have a family of 4 you need something larger. You will find your self-cooking for a 10” or 11” skillet in a few weeks and may have to pay a higher price because it is “open stock”. This happens more often than you think as cookware companies try to put a set on store shelves at a lower price point and they downsize all of the pans. Make sure you know the size of the pans in the set and make sure that they are pans that you need! Following these steps will help you find the best cookware set for you.