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  Cooking in Theory and Practice (CITP) is my flagship blog. Heavy on the theory part of cookery, I hope to challenge your perceptions. If it makes you think about your food a bit more thouroughly, then my hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'.                

Cooking In Theory and Practice is a conduit I created in Sept. 2007 (in a hotel room in Tyson's Corner, VA the morning after a really great Genesis concert - but that's another story) to share my thoughts on the world of food, an important part of my life. As time passed the blog has subdivided into four parts, each with its own flavour. Call it Internet OCD. I have gathered them all on this page as a portal to my world, with links to each as well as a blogroll of recent posts. You will also find links to my cookbook library (should you like to browse the stacks), as well as an eclectic collection of recipes I have amassed over the years (some of them mine).

Enjoy your stay!                             

    My library  of coobooksis growing every day (yes, it's an obsession). I keep track of it with a great program from, which also lets me share with you. Just click on the very Sirius Cat.

  Offal Court is the dark underside of the food world. If you want the latest on CAFOs, salmonella and e-coli breakouts, or pig rectums as squid substitutes - this is the place.  

   Mental Floss is humor and oddities. Mostly food related, but not always. Clean out your mental pantry with some laughter.             

 Cooking With Yoda  is the practice part of the equation. Equipment, techniques, discoveries and, yeah, an occasional recipe when I have one to share.  Please join me in my Dagobah kitchen           

    Coquus Libris  is fractured Latin for cookbooks. I am a cookbook lover, a cookbook collector, and a cookbook reader. I read cookbooks like novels - every one tells a story. I share those stories here.

  These are a selection of recpies that I have collected over the years - some used, some for inspiration, some just because. A bizarre collection of antiques and curios for you to browse.

I use this site a lot!